This app generates a printable list of families for an LDS ward. It uses ward directory data that anyone with an account can download and formats it on two pages. This lets you easily print a nice ward directory that fits on one double-sided sheet of paper.

Note: a ward directory contains sensitive personal information. Please be respectful in the way that you use it, and be sure to follow the church's guidelines. In particular, you may not use the information for commercial or political purposes, nor may you distribute it beyond the boundaries of your ward. You should use this service under the direction of your Bishop or Stake President, and should not distribute a directory without explicit approval from the same. Also, the handbook requires that only stake or ward budget funds be used to pay for directories; no advertising is permitted.

Church policy prohibits transmitting ward directory data to any third-party server. To use this, you must download a program to your computer and run it there. That way, everything is processed on your own machine.

First, download the appropriate file (last updated January 9, 2013):

After you download it, unzip it to get a single executable file. Run that file by double-clicking it. No other installation is required. Once it is running, click on this link:

That should pull up a page that looks similar to this one, complete with instructions.

For software developers, the full source code for this app is available at this link:

If you need an example to work with, here is some that was generated from completely fake data:

I repeat: this is all fake data and is just provided for demonstration and testing purposes.

If you have questions or comments, I can be reached at